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A2ps, 1NCREASE Y0ur C-U-M by 5oo%

From: KnutzenMFEDU
Subject: A2ps, 1NCREASE Y0ur C-U-M by 5oo%
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 23:10:12 +0000

I gotta tell you something. Some years ago I used to watch porno often. I 
always admired those guys cumming.
They splashed out so much sperm on their girls, it looked so cool, so manlike. 
Now I have a girlfriend.. but quantity of my sperm was so scanty, that I felt 
ill at ease.

 I was advised to eat green apples but even this didn't help. A month ago I was 
hanging around at the bar with my best friend. 
And he said that I should try SPUR-M. Well, - I thought, - sounds interesting. 

Next day I came to know that it was really a highly effective all-natural 
dietary supplement, which not only increases the sperm volume but also improves 
the sperm quality and the mobility of spermatozoa.

Having ordered and tried I was shocked how cool it was. 

I'd even say, it changed my life. I'm happy. I even became a better lover, 
knowing how it all would end. 
By the way, read about SPUR-M at this site. 
Yes, that guys have really acceptable prices if you decide to order and ship 

msgs laterz 

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