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Business offers!

From: Her-Szig Bt.
Subject: Business offers!
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 18:07:28 +0200

Dear Managers and Enterpreneurs!



The Her-Szig Bt. can offers You the following investment opportunities:


   1,   Industrial real-estates are offered for sale in Hungary and Ukraine, 
which ones are suitable to establish any activities.

   2,   We`re looking for partners to distribute or produce hungarian 
inventions (licence).

   3,   We`re looking for partners to develop a holiday resort with thermal 
bath in Ukraine.

   4,   We`re looking for foreign parners for sole distribution of nourish 
plants with effective microorganism.

   5,   We can offers joint venture opportunities by concrete idea.



The Her-Szig Bt. can be potencial partner in any other area too. You can find 
more renewal information in our website: www.her-szig.hu.

We can help You free if You order or buy products in the hungarian and foreign 

If You are intereted in sale, please ask for our information sheet in e-mail 
and We can help You in short time by maket research to find business partners.

If You can inform us about the amount, which one You can invest We can suggest 
always other investment opportunities.

We handle discrete you information, offers and you needs.





E-mail:         address@hidden


Fax:              +36 83 318-750

Address:      Her-Szig Bt. Képviselet 8361 Keszthely Pf.: 35. HUNGARY



Best Regards:


Gyula Mencsik






Business Information


899,  Real-estate for industrial or commercial activities is offered for sale 
in Beregszasz, Ukraine. Basic area: 1100 m2 Price: 10 USD/m2 Other land is 
offered for sale with store-house for industrial or commercial activities. 
Basic area: 5600 m2 Price: 8 USD/m2.

909,  Mall is offered for sale (206 shops) in whole or in parts. Basic area: 
4000 m2 Photo is seen in Internet.

910,  Estate in Ukraine (basic area: 30000m2) is offered for sale with hotel 
and restaurant services and with other investment opportunities. Price: 100 
millio HUF We can give more information just for written inquiry. Photo can be 
found in Internet.

913,  We can offer investment opportunity in Ukraine as an estate with thermal 
well and half-ready swimming pool for holiday resort with thermal bath.

         More information: www.her-szig.hu

920,  Industrial estate is offered for sale in Ukraine with 4 buildings. Basic 
area: 2 hectares

            a,   Ex- conserve plant (basic area: 1000 m2) Above the plant is a 
cellar 500 m2

            b,   store-houses: 626, 240 and 100 m2

         Technical eqipments: 430 KW/hour voltage, low and medium pressure gas 
line is situated 150 meters from the estates. There is no water by pipe, but 
there is a working canaizer. Medium quality asphalt road. The estate is 
situated 5 kms from the city. Hungarian border is 15-25 kms.

         The rights for lease the estate costs 350 USD/year/hectare. The 
purchase price of the estate is 24 hrivnya/m2. The rights to lease the 
buildings costs 2-USD/m2/year. The purchase price of the buildings is 50.000 


         Remark:   We are interested in joint venture too , and We`re waiting 
for offers for JV too. We are waiting for inquiries for the following fax 
number 0036 83/318-750 We can give photoes if You have inquiry.

1052,   Regenerating and renewal massage programm:

            The art of youthfulness


Massage is stated at achievement-increasing company with which one we can make 
wonder in the area of disease of the stress (e.g.: headache, high blood 
pressure and chronic pains). This type of massage can help to relax and to 
alleviate the pain of the muscle of the back and shoulders. The 
self-regenareting ability of the body is activated by the relaxing music.The 
blood circulation is getting better and problems of the movement organs are 
subsided. The concentration ability is improving.There's no backache any more 
and your spine becomes elastic one more time with the help of our 10 years long 
working successful programm.


Klub Forman Szépség és Egészség szalon Zsidró Fodrászatban

Address: 1124 Budapest, Apor Vilmos tér 9-11.

Mobile: +36 20/377-1782

1054,   Company in Ukraine offers the following un-edged pine saw-material in 
the following sizes FOB in Hungary:

                Height:     25mms width:14cms length:4,5,6 metres 116 USD/m3

                Height:     30mms width:14cms length:4,5,6 metres 118 USD/m3

                Height:     40mms width:14cms length:4,5,6 metres 118 USD/m3

                Height:     50mms width:14cms length:4,5,6 metres 118 USD/m3

                Height:     70mms width:14cms length:4,5,6 metres 118 USD/m3

                Height:     100-150mms width:14cms length:4,5,6 metres 118 

            We can stand for your help if you can provide us with concrete 
written order.


604,     A Hungarian captain is looking for a job on an ocean liner or on a 

            There are reference and further information.

          Mobile: +36 30 299 8186

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