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12/27/2005 - The news is out, and the game is on

From: Brendan Lloyd
Subject: 12/27/2005 - The news is out, and the game is on
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 10:08:56 -0000

Stock Jump On its Way

MWIS has had a great deal of exposure in the market over the
last few months. Now its new marketing campaign has been 
stirring even more attention in the market.

However, we are telling you something more important than that.

MWIS has had a pattern for a while of large Jumps in Price 
and Volume, and it is usually preceded by a large increase 
in volume right before the jump.

Company: M-WISE INC
Symbol: MWIS
Last Price: $0.165
Volume Spike: 549,960
Note: Stocks volume spikes before price jump over last few months

Today, Members, we watched MWIS spike 549,960 shares. We 
would recommend this as a long term investment anytime, but 
we are alerting you now that this is ready to have a big jump 

Put your bid in for the market open on Wed and get on
this before you miss out on another jump.

Long-term investments are great but fast cash can be exciting.

Read all the news releases on this great company to see why 
there is a stir, but dont hesitate to get in on the price jumps
they are having too. This one is set to go on Wed.

Remember members, buy low sell high and move fast.

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