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[Acl-devel] get generic error when restoring ACLs

From: Gregory Machin
Subject: [Acl-devel] get generic error when restoring ACLs
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 12:29:27 +1200

I backed up the filesystem acls using the getfacl command , and now I'm working on restoring them in my development environment. the problem I'm experiencing is that in the process of restoring setfacl --restore=/root/dir.acl --test fails with the generic error :

Usage: setfacl [-bkndRLP] { -m| -M| -x| -X ... } file ...
Try 'setfacl --help for more information.

Without a line number or some why of knowing were the issue is I'm not able to resolve this. The backup file is 540MB so it's not a simple task of looking through it. Generating smaller files is possible but that would me moving reconfiguring other parts of the machine which I'd prefer not to do at this point.

Any advice welcome.

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