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[Acl-devel] About <sys/attributes.h> in attr_list manpage

From: Lu Fengqi
Subject: [Acl-devel] About <sys/attributes.h> in attr_list manpage
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2018 20:34:09 +0800
User-agent: Mutt/1.10.0 (2018-05-17)

Hi all,

The following on the attr_list manpage puzzled me. There is no
attributes.h file in my system /usr/include/sys directory (including
Fedora 28/Centos 7.5/Ubuntu 16.04/Arch Linux).


       attr_list, attr_listf - list the names of the user attributes of
       a filesystem object

              #include <sys/attributes.h>

In addition, I found that <sys/attributes.h> is only given in the
attr_list manpage, and the others are <attr/attributes.h>. Does this
indicate that the attr_list manpage is wrong? Or do you know which
package will provide(even if it is no longer) <sys/attributes.h>?
Any information you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

$git grep "attributes.h" man/man3/
man/man3/attr_get.3:.B #include <attr/attributes.h>
man/man3/attr_list.3:.B #include <sys/attributes.h>
man/man3/attr_multi.3:.B #include <attr/attributes.h>
man/man3/attr_remove.3:.B #include <attr/attributes.h>
man/man3/attr_set.3:.B #include <attr/attributes.h>

BTW, I got these following warning when I compile the fsstress. So I'd
like to replace these deprecated function with glibc version. Any
suggestions? For example, are some behaviors inconsistent?

warning: 'attr_list' is deprecated: Use listxattr or llistxattr instead
warning: 'attr_remove' is deprecated: Use removexattr or lremovexattr
instead [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
warning: 'attr_set' is deprecated: Use setxattr or lsetxattr instead


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