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[Adonthell-minigame] Wumpus game

From: James Nash
Subject: [Adonthell-minigame] Wumpus game
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 11:26:20 +0000

I just had an AI lecture and a simple game was used in one of the examples was the Wumpus game.

It's a really old and simple computer game from the 70s which originally had a command-line interface. A quick google search yields several web-based versions, instructions and details.

Essentially you are in a dark cave of some kind where the rooms are laid out in a grid, so from each room you can go N, E, S or W. One room contains a big monster called the Wumpus that will eat you if you enter that room. Fortunately the Wumpus is a smelly creature and so you can smell it in each of the 4 surrounding rooms. Some rooms contain pits too, the pits create a draft which can be felt in the surrounding rooms. Finally one room contains some gold.

The object is to find the goal and avoid getting killed by the pits or Wumpus.

In some versions you have a single arrow which you can shoot into a room before you enter it. If the room contained the wumpus the arrow will kill it, if not you wasted your arrow. Sometimes there are bats too - if you enter a room with bats they will pick you up and transport you to a random other room.

I recon it would be quite easy to build a map in Adonthell that emulates this game. We could have the player character say things like "It sure is breezy in here!" or "Phewy - what stinks??" with those little speech bubbles when he/she sense those things in a room. (Maybe also have some graphics as hints too, like green fog when it stinks!)

I think it would make a fun little mini-game. Maybe we could just stick it in a cave in the mountains somewhere. Instead of gold we'd just have some useful (but non-essential) item as a reward.

Sound good?


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