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Re: http-request in a controller- is it possible?

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: http-request in a controller- is it possible?
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2020 13:23:37 +0800
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Hi Jaft!

Jaft writes:

>  Gotcha; so something like?
> (get "/test-endpoint" #:mime #t  (lambda (rc)    (display "Something here")   
>  (newline)
>     (break-task)    (receive (headers body)        (http-get 
> "";)      (display "JSON: ")      (display 
> (utf8->string body))      (newline))
>     (:mime rc '(("this is the " . "first endpoint we call")))))
> Unfortunately, I get the same result of
> Enter ragnarok scheduler!Save current task #<ragnarok-client treasure: 
> (#<input-output: socket 34> . #(2 2130706433 60016))>!Add new task 
> #<input-output: socket 34> == #<input-output: socket 34>Save okServe one 
> donemain-loop again
> outputted by art, as before.
> Or is that because http-get freezes and hangs, even with Ragnarok, currently?
> Jonathan    On Sunday, December 6, 2020, 12:12:31 AM CST, Nala Ginrut 
> <> wrote:

You don't have to call (break-task) here manually, since Ragnarok will
schedule it for you. As I mentioned in previous mails, there should be
client API in Artanis in the future, for now, you have to set the port
to non-blocking by yourself.

(define port (open-socket-for-uri "http://localhost:3000/123";))
(fcntl port F_SETFL (logior O_NONBLOCK (fcntl port F_GETFL 0)))
(http-get "http://......."; #:port port)

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