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[Arx-users] ArX-2.1.0

From: Walter Landry
Subject: [Arx-users] ArX-2.1.0
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 22:51:12 -0500 (EST)


I have made an unstable release of the next version of ArX.  You can find it at

This release features a number of performance enhancements, efficient
handling of binaries, and a host of smaller improvements.

There are some incompatibilities with project trees and archive caches
from ArX-2.0.0, so those will have to be deleted with and regenerated.  

I have attached the release notes below.


ArX-2.1.0 2004-Nov-7

This is an unstable release.

The minor version number has been increased.  Some optimizations were
made to speed up "diff" for large trees which invalidated current
project trees.  In addition, some optimizations were made to how
archive caches are stored.  This means that you will have to delete
all of your current trees and revision library and re-get them.  In
addition, you will have to delete your old archive caches with the
older version of ArX (2.0.0), and repopulate them with this version.

There is a new mode of operation tailored for extremely large trees.
ArX should now be as fast as anything else for most local operations.
It is described in a new section in the documentation "Working with
Large Trees".

Getting a revision by applying patches is much, much faster now
because ArX takes advantage of the guaranteed lack of conflicts.
Because of that, ArX will now automatically build a revision if it is
needed for "diff" and "file-undo".

An xdelta implementation from monotone has been included for efficient
binary deltas.

and ARX_PREVIOUS_REVISION are now set when invoking hooks.  This makes
it easy to run checks on the tree before committing and have a more
intelligent archiving strategy.

You no longer need the --paths option to commit, diff, undo, and mkpatch.

The documentation and help screen has been cleaned up, and the short
options have been regularized.

A bug in how patch conflicts are handled is fixed.

"mirror" now allows you to mirror just patches, cached revisions,
readmes, or any combination.

The my-* commands have all been coalesced into a single "param" command.

"file-diff" now has the option to use a gui diff tool.

"revisions", "changelog", and "log" have all been coalesced into "log".

"library-revisions" and "library-browse" have been combined into "library".

"merge" now updates the tree-cache if used like an update.

A bug in "make-dist" when computing the destination file is fixed.

The --dir option to archive-cache actually works now.

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