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Re: [Arx-users] Fwd: Errors in the mirror command ? (Segmentation errors

From: Walter Landry
Subject: Re: [Arx-users] Fwd: Errors in the mirror command ? (Segmentation errors too)
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 22:18:47 -0500 (EST)

address@hidden wrote:
> Hi,
> The spamgourmet service seems to have truncated the original email I
> sent. I am forwarding it to you again - I understand that
> superbeast.ucsd.ecu may not be up now, but that wasn't the error I
> intended to highlight.
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Hi,
> 1. I was playing around with the mirror command trying to mirror the
> official ArX archive and then trying to do a get from the mirror and I
> saw the following error
> address@hidden ArX]$ arx archives address@hidden
> address@hidden
>         file:///home/vikram/Workspace/Repositories/ArX/arx
> address@hidden ArX]$ arx get --report
> address@hidden/arx.2.2 arx1
> INTERNAL ERROR: The checksum of the local tree and the checksum in the
> archive do not match.
>         revision: address@hidden/arx.2.2,6
>         path: ,,get_revision.0/rev
>         archive checksum:
> 56c264d5ee6cb5148e1cd346e49fd2abe57b2c99c0e9afde55778eb986714348
>         local checksum:
> 6772f928bb56e3975a8ff491c1d19dc353e42650d452dfcab4ba3e8c7520e229

Unfortunately, mirrors are a little complicated to use.  They are not
particularly well suited to this kind of use, where you are trying to
make a personal copy of a public archive.  They work better for making
a personal archive public.

The problem here is that after ArX has downloaded the revision, it has
to make a manifest.  That manifest has, within it, the name of the
archive.  That is a requirement for signatures.

However, this is an operation that probably should work.  I have been
thinking how best to fix it, but I have not yet come to a conclusion.

In any case, to solve your immediate problem, delete the archive
registration for the master and mirror

  arx archives -d address@hidden
  arx archives -d address@hidden

and reregister the mirror

  arx archives -a file:///home/vikram/Workspace/Repositories/ArX/arx

Then you can do 

  arx get --report address@hidden/arx.2.2 arx1

and that will only use the local archive.  The annoying part is
updating your local mirror.  You have to delete the archive registration

  arx archives -d address@hidden

and then register the master mirror (this won't work while superbeast
is down)

  arx archives -a

and make the mirror archive again

  arx make-archive --mirror address@hidden address@hidden 

Then you can run

  arx mirror address@hidden/

to update the mirror.  Ick.

> 2. There seems to be a segmentation error doing the mirror commands
> that pops up every so often - sorry, no logs or use case.

I sometimes get an error that ArX can't get a name of the master
archive from the mirror.  If I try again, then the mirroring works.
However, that is an error that should be caught.  If you could make a
debug build with a configure line like

  ./configure CXXFLAGS="-g -Wall" --prefix=/path/to/bin

then run gdb on the resulting core image, that would be helpful.  You
may have to type "ulimit -c unlimited" to allow core files to be


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