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[Arx-users] Mirror command overhaul (was: Errors in the mirror command ?

From: Kevin Smith
Subject: [Arx-users] Mirror command overhaul (was: Errors in the mirror command ?)
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 10:18:50 -0500
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Walter Landry wrote:
I am a bit wary of making the interface more complicated.  However,
how about this: when you register an archive implicitly (e.g. by
browsing a URL), that puts it at the end of the list.  Only when you
explicitly add it with "archives -a" does it put it at the top of the

That sounds quirky but workable.

Any chance of supporting:
  arx mirror address@hidden --updateall

to automatically mirror the master to all the listed mirrors?

That only works if the master is also the source archive.  If you are
making a local copy of a remote archive, then the master archive (for
"get" etc.) is different from the source archive.

I guess I meant "to automatically mirror the source to all other mirrors". I assumed "master" meant the same as "source", but I guess "master" means the default for commits.

I personally can't think of a use for updating one mirror but not
the others.

You could have one mirror for backup and another for publishing.  The
backup is on a local nfs mounted drive, and the publishing mirror is
on a webserver.

You could also have an archive listed the way I showed, with a file
(local), sftp (publish), and http (to check publishing).  You can't
update to the http archive directly.

Fair enough. An "all" shortcut still seems like a nice touch, but it's not really important. Personally, I would probably only ever need one source and one dest for my work, anyway.

Will/does ArX check to ensure that only one of the listed archives is a non-mirror? Are there any checks you can/will do to help users avoid ending up listing unrelated archives as if they were mirrors of each other?

ArX gets the name of the archive from the archive itself, so unless
you create an archive with the same name as another person, that
shouldn't happen.




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