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[Arx-users] Problem with mailing list archives

From: Mike Feeney
Subject: [Arx-users] Problem with mailing list archives
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 01:00:55 -0500 (EST)
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If you'll forgive me for being a bit offtopic, I have noticed a problem
with the archives of this mailing list. Because of the spam protections
used at, there are a lot of messages that come out looking

--start quote--
> melody:~ marc$ arx make-archive --report --mirror
> address@hidden

The last part should be


Note the extra colon.
--end quote-- [1]

It is very hard or impossible to make sense out of the original examples
when they come out looking this way. Have you considered contacting the
Savannah people about using a better anti-spambot system? Would it be
worthwhile if I did so?

On another note, though I have yet to try ArX, it looks very promising. I
just finished making my way through the list archives (skipping or
skimming a few parts I didn't understand). I am new to distributed RCS (my
only version control experience at all is with Subversion), but I spent a
fair amount of time today and yesterday studying version control systems
that are free software, and ArX looks like the one I'd most like to use.



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