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Re: [Arx-users] Reasons not to switch to ArX

From: amine . chadly
Subject: Re: [Arx-users] Reasons not to switch to ArX
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 16:37:59 +0100
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Quoting Walter Landry <>:

Kevin Smith <> wrote:
At work, one of our projects is seriously considering switching to
Subversion (from CVS). While I think svn is a worthy replacement for
cvs, I don't see it as the ideal long-term option. This event has
re-invigorated my interest in ArX, although I still have too many other
vastly time-consuming projects going on right now to be able to
contribute much to ArX.

Hi Kevin, I can share some thoughts and experience with you here:
I have been using svn on windows. And I was very pleased with it, until
I had a crash of the berkeley db that couldn't be recovered.
At that point the only thing you can do, is restore a previous backup of
your repository, and commit all the changes in one shot.
I was using the 1.0 version at that point of time, I have heard things
have improved, but my advice for you is to make frequent backups of your
repository (which is good practice regardless of your final choice ;-).

I hope to be contributing to ArX soon, as I am starting to get more and
more free time.

Regarding the win32 port, the gui and eclipse plugin. There might be a way
to catch all the birds with one stone :
The source code for the eclipse cvs plugin is probably very interesting:
The following directories
should contain enough information to jumpstart an ArX eclipse plugin relatively
I will give it a look in the coming days, but would welcome any help ;-).

The qt gui is an interesting perspective as well.
I have been dreaming on giving qt a try, and it sounds like a nice opportunity.

Anybody wants to jump onboard ?

And one thing as I am at it:
I find the documentation a little difficult to comprehend the first time.
I started a document that could qualify as a nutshell answering very basic
question that one asks himself the firt time (or coming back after long
vacations :-).
Is anybody interested in adding some more beef to it and publish it ?

Take care everybody,

Ps: please make sure you don't leave any email adress in the messages quotes,
so robots don't have a chance to spam our axxes ! ;-)

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