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Re: [Arx-users] GUI front-end for ArX

From: Amine Chadly
Subject: Re: [Arx-users] GUI front-end for ArX
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 01:02:03 +0200

Ruby is by far my favorite mainstream language. I discovered it about 5
years ago, and use it whenever I have a chance.

I will give it a quick look in the coming days to see if I can get easy enough
with it to do some code ;-).
If that works, I don't mind doing it with wxruby...

I was thinking about c++ because it would help for the integration
with browsers (a little bit like tortoise works for cvs if I remember

I have seen some cvs integration with the kde browser (whatever that one is ;-)
And it was really impressive and useful.
I guess that we could start in C++ if I don't find enough time to dive into ruby.

I guess that wxwidgets is the toolkit we should choose, after all we do have a
wxguru in the mailing-list ;-).

Concerning the Gui, I now have a few questions concerning the c++/python/whatever api
that is available.
I have had a look at the, but didn't manage to find the file containing
the module with the arx functions.
And if it was to be coded in c++, what would be the necessary includes ?
Would it be includes, or most probably something like ?
Is there a documentation of the api ?
Tell me if I am bugging with stupid questions  ;-)

I will try to look at the silc documentation tomorrow...but I am wondering which is important:
Getting out that gnome-vfs dependency, or having the gui ?

I have now 9 questions and answers in the "ArX nutshell"... I will add a couple before sending the
proposal to the list for comments.

Au revoir,

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