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[Arx-users] ArX nutshell in a wiki

From: Amine Chadly
Subject: [Arx-users] ArX nutshell in a wiki
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 22:47:28 +0200

Hello guys !
I have put up that small page on the berlios wiki.
I believe anybody can just go and modify that without any need to register whatsoever.

If you feel lazy to edit directly, you can just send me (directly or through the list) your remarks,
and I'll gladly make the changes.

Now is the time for the questions that bug my mind since I have been reading the ArX
 documentation closer. (Nothing comes for free ;-)

On the page 26 of the documentation following the figure 5.3 on the Alice fork of Bob's
If I understand correctly, the
$ arx merge --dir sort_quick sort_update address@hidden/sort.bob
Makes one directory sort_update with everything merged
So why is the commit command working on the sort_quick ?
$ arx commit --dir sort_quick -s "Merge from Bob's branch"
Does it imply that Alice copies the relevant files from sort_update to the sort_quick directory
before the commit, or should we read sort_update instead of sort_quick ?

If I am not wrong, to make the merge directly in the directory sort_quick just as one would type cvs update and expect the update to be done in his working directory, one would have to type
$ arx merge --dir sort_quick --in-place address@hidden/sort.bob
and then once problems are fixed:
$ arx commit --dir sort_quick -s "Merge from Bob's branch"
If I am correct, if Alice remains in the sort_quick directory (which is the habit for cvs users), she can
$ arx commit -s "Merge from Bob's branch"

Same thing for the replay command:
$ arx replay --exact --dir sort_quick --in-place address@hidden/sort.bob,25

Subsidiary question: Is there a shortcut for --in-place (does -i works like -d works for --dir?)

I have to admit that the --dir some_dir and --in-place in the same command did throw me off totally the first time I found it ! Now that I spent some time with the command help, it does make more sense ;-)

I am planning to sort out and write the differences between the fork and mirror commands. (still blur for me).
And in which cases it's better to use one instead of the other.
Oh and the merge command is obviously very rich, but I don't comprehend it's full capacities yet.
Help is off course welcomed (you can even say hoped for ;-) !


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