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Re: [Arx-users] Why is arx browse so slow?

From: Kevin Smith
Subject: Re: [Arx-users] Why is arx browse so slow?
Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 20:01:36 -0400
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Walter Landry wrote:
> No.  What does "arx archives" give you?  Also, it looks like you've
> set your default archive to address@hidden  What does "arx
> param default-archive" give you?

address@hidden kevins $ arx archives
address@hidden kevins $ arx param default-archive
address@hidden kevins $

Originally that archive was just a mirror of an archive on my
local system. In all the flailing and frustration trying to get
mirroring working (with .listing files), I must have deleted the local
archive which had been my default archive.

It is quite possible that the wxruby archive is damaged and invalid,
since it was created with an earlier copy of arx and hasn't been touched
recently. It's also just a throwaway scratch archive, so I should
probably delete it.

>>Postponing makes sense. when it lists something like 0 .. 112 is it
>>having to make 112 network calls? If so, then each network call is
>>taking something like 1/30th of a second (30 ms) which I guess sounds
> It should not be recursing into each revision directory (,1 ,2 ,3
> etc.), so it should just get a complete directory listing and be done.
> However, I have noticed, even for local archives, that it takes too
> long.  I need to look into it.




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