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Re: [Arx-users] Re: Arx on a simple webhost

From: aurelien
Subject: Re: [Arx-users] Re: Arx on a simple webhost
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 20:52:57 +0200


Thank you all for your extremely helpful replies.  You have convinced
me to investigate Arx much more thoroughly, and that can't be bad ;)

I will do some practical tests later this month (after vacations and
other work-stuff) and will be sure to come back to ask further
questions if I get stuck.

By the way Kevin, I couldn't find that blog of yours which you
mention. Not even by googling....


On 7/28/05, Kevin Smith <address@hidden> wrote:
> Walter Landry wrote:
> > then you can make an archive with the command
> >
> >   arx make-archive address@hidden
> >
> > You need to tell ArX that you are serving the archive via http
> >
> >   arx update-listing -a
> That's step one. Step two is actually putting that remote archive to
> work. I'll lay out how I think you might structure it, and hopefully
> Walter can correct anything I get wrong.
> Each development computer would have a local archive that is a mirror of
> that one remote archive. So on each machine, you would have an archive
> name that would be attached to two locations (local, and ftp).
> Periodically, you would use the mirror command to push or pull changes
> between the local and remote archives.
> In your case, you probably only need an ftp route to the remote archive,
> since that can be used for both pushing and pulling.
> If it were a public archive, and you wanted to view it as other people
> would see it, you could set up a third location, using http. That would
> be read-only.
> One more tip: When working with any distributed SCM tool, you really
> want to create lots of branches and/or lots of working directories.
> Sadly, I haven't used distributed SCM enough to be able to say more than
> that.
> Kevin

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