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Re: [Arx-users] The Future (long)

From: Kevin Smith
Subject: Re: [Arx-users] The Future (long)
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 20:10:15 -0500
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Walter Landry wrote:
So I think a new patch format is in the cards.  I am thinking of
making it a single file.  At the beginning, there would an index, then
all of the metadata changes (add, delete, rename, copy, is_patched,
properties), followed by all of the xdelta patches (forward and
backward).  I think I can steal almost everything that I need from
monotone in terms of diff3, pretty printing diffs, etc.  That would
get rid of the diff/diff3/patch dependency altogether.

One nice thing about this is that it becomes fairly straightforward to
translate this single file format into something you might email

Sounds nice.


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