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Re: Documentation

From: Peter Simons
Subject: Re: Documentation
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 00:51:47 +0200

Hi Francesco,

 > * README, README-maint, INSTALL -> plain text into the root

yes, that's fine. README exists, INSTALL is copied-in by Autotools, and I
have renamed NOTES accordingly, so that's taken care of.

 > * ChangeLog                     -> autogenerated

Gnulib's "gitlog-to-changelog -- --branches >ChangeLog" seems to do a good
job at generating that file, but I wonder: should the ChangeLog contain
messages from all branches? Or just 'master' -- a.k.a. the macros?

 > * NEWS                          -> plain text / autogenerated

We might be able to generate NEWS from annotated tags in Git. This would
mean, of course, that we'd have create a tag every time we want to change
the NEWS file. That sounds somewhat unreasonable to me. Maybe a plain file
is good enough.

Take care,

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