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Re: Merged branch with history

From: Peter Simons
Subject: Re: Merged branch with history
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2009 09:56:56 +0200

Hi Dustin,


very nice, thank you for your efforts.

 > It also maintains full history for the macros in m4/, by virtue
 > of a 'git filter-branch' run. Things aren't all sunny -- the repo
 > now contains two commits for each change to the macros (one at
 > the top level, and one in m4/).

Originally, I suggested that filter-branch rewrite because I assumed
that this was the only way for us to get the master/maint merge done
without breaking macro history in Gitweb.

Now, the common consensus I perceive these days is that we shouldn't
rely on Gitweb that much anyway and that we should rather generate a
custom representation of every macro's history and include that in
the documentation. If we go that road, then there is no problem
breaking the macro history in Gitweb. Under these circumstances, a
straight master/maint merge without any fancy branch re-writing
would be fine, IMHO.

Does that sound reasonable?

Take care,

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