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Re: Renaming proposal

From: Dustin J. Mitchell
Subject: Re: Renaming proposal
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 10:17:42 -0400

On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 2:45 AM, Reuben Thomas<address@hidden> wrote:
> That's right. Is that a problem? It's not something that can bite
> anyone except from the point of view of finding an updated version of
> a macro they already use, and even that is pretty trivial. Again, as a
> maintenance problem, few affected macros will be used more than once
> per project. This is just not the same as a typical API breakage.

I agree, but on the other hand this provides a good time to break the
API.  If we rename AC_BROKEN_MACRO to AX_BROKEN_MACRO now, then all of
our users of that macro will notice the change because their builds
will break, change the "C" to "X", and go on their way.  Then, later,
when we fix the broken macro, changing its interface (see my earlier
comments about AC_PROG_SWIG), their builds will not (necessarily)
break, leading to surprises when users of *their* package encounter
build problems.


Open Source Storage Engineer

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