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RSSH_CHECK_OFF64_T: Would you agree to re-license your macro?

From: Peter Simons
Subject: RSSH_CHECK_OFF64_T: Would you agree to re-license your macro?
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 20:08:06 +0200

Hi Ruslan,

the macros distributed by the Autoconf Archive are intended to be free
software in the sense that their licensing terms do not restrict the
ways in which other projects can re-use them. Unfortunately, we were
recently informed by the FSF that the LGPL license does not meet that
criteria, because it does impose legal restrictions on the generated
configure script.

Because of that issue, we were wondering whether you'd willing to
re-release your RSSH_CHECK_OFF64_T macro under a license that doesn't
have that problem. The FSF recommends use of the All-Permissive license
(which is the one you've used for RSSH_CHECK_SUNPRO_C, too), but both
GPL plus Autoconf Exception or the BSD license are just as good for our

Can you help us remedy that situation?

With kind regards,

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