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Re: Comments, fixes and new items

From: Francesco Salvestrini
Subject: Re: Comments, fixes and new items
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 23:02:50 +0200
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Hi Reuben,

On Tuesday 04 August 2009, Reuben Thomas wrote:
> 2009/8/4 Francesco Salvestrini <address@hidden>:
> > NOTE: The `-a', `-o', `(', and `)' operands for 'test' are not portable
> > and should be avoided.
> In what sense "not portable"? I'm all in favour of portability, but -a
> and -o are mentioned in test(1posix), so they're at the very latest
> POSIX 2001...

Look for 'Limitations of Shell Builtins' into the autoconf manual. It may have 
some outdated considerations but we can't cope with their experience. It 
seems to me that 'test -a' has been abandoned in autoconf, automake and 
libtool since 2002.

Have a good night

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