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From: Peter Simons
Subject: Re: AX_C_IFDEF
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 14:23:16 +0100

Hi Peter,

 > seems replaced with AX_C_IFDEF, but I cannot find the latter in the
 > documentation.

you are right. When the archive was moved to Savannah, the script that
generated the web site navigation ceased to work. As a result, we don't
have an up-to-date navigation on the web site anymore. :-( The macro is
located at <>, but
the "macros by category" index page doesn't like to that page yet. That
shortcoming will be fixed real soon now(tm). We can generate a complete
web site from Texinfo via Gnulib's 'web-manual' target. That procedure
just needs to be integrated into the build process.

> Anyway, checking the sources I noticed that this functionality is
> available in AC_CHECK_DECL [...], so I would suggest this macro could
> be deprecated.

You are right. I made the necessary changes moments ago. Thank you for
pointing that out.

Take care,

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