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Re: Howto use autoconf-archive

From: Peter Johansson
Subject: Re: Howto use autoconf-archive
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 16:40:20 -0400
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Hi Gordon,

On 4/20/10 2:35 PM, Gordon wrote:

how do I actually use the macros contained in autoconv-archive in my own

I'm using Ubuntu 8.04, and I installed the packages autoconf 2.61-4 and
autoconf-archive 20070512-1. In my own file, I'd like to
use AX_LIB_POSTGRESQL, for example. I run libtoolize --force&&  aclocal
&&  autoconf&&  autoheader&&  automake --add-missing&&  configure. And I get
./configure: line 19787: AX_LIB_POSTGRESQL: command not found

What is the recommended, most portable way to use these macros in
autoconf-archive? Do I just copy the contents of ax_lib_postgresql.m4
into my own Or can autoconf be told that the macros in
autoconv-archive are available for use?

Here is what I do:

I add a line in main


and in a line


then I copy needed macro files into directory `m4' and issue

autoreconf -ivf

It is also possible to let aclocal do the copying of files into `m4' but based on your email it seems you aclocal doesn't know where autoconf-archive macros are installed. Please refer to the Automake manual on how to modify the search path of aclocal:


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