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Re: GPL version of ax_cflags_warn_all.m4

From: Peter Simons
Subject: Re: GPL version of ax_cflags_warn_all.m4
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 18:53:49 +0100

Hi Reuben,

 > I have patched all the macros written by him alone, ready to push; I
 > just wanted to check: should I increase the serial number, or not?
 > (Obviously there are no code changes.)

Yes, please bump #serial. Our policy is that #serial equals the number
of commits that modified that particular macro in our Git repository, so
any modification should come with a bump, regardless of whether code was
changed or not. I usually run "./ m4/*" once in a while to
make sure that promise holds.

 > The macro files that seem to be affected (i.e. originally written by
 > Guido, but since modified) are:
 > ax_cflags_warn_all.m4
 > ax_create_pkgconfig_info.m4
 > ax_enable_builddir.m4
 > ax_prefix_config_h.m4
 > and the authors affected are: Marten Svantesson, Gerald Point, Rhys
 > Ulerich, Sven Verdoolaege and Alan Jenkins.
 > If any of them happens to read this and doesn't mind the license
 > requirement being bumped to GPLv3+, then please say so! Anyone I don't
 > hear from soon I shall write to directly.

Great, that sounds quite sensible. Thanks a lot for you effort!

Take care,

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