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Re: Automatic set-serial?

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: Re: Automatic set-serial?
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 20:41:01 +0000

On 6 January 2011 19:42, Peter Simons <address@hidden> wrote:
> IMHO, what we're trying to do can be accomplished best in
> I'll make the necessary modifications to the python code. It's probably
> not going to be difficult, I just dread it a little because that code is
> quite messy.

Maybe an opportunity to de-mess a bit?

> Apparently, the hook script receives a list of SHA1 hashes
> on standard input, each of which refers to a newly received revision
> (and its predecessor). Using those, we can git-cat-file every macro in
> each of those revisions, right? Now, what we'd have to do is to
> determine the number of commits to that file, and ensure that the file
> contains a matching #serial number. If not, we'll do "exit 1". Does that
> sound okay?

It does, but I've not actually ever written a hook scripts myself either.

>  > I've submitted a support request on Savannah to ask how we set up the hook.

(No reply yet. Hopefully once they clear any holiday backlog...)


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