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Cleaning up AX_HAVE_QT

From: Aaron Faanes
Subject: Cleaning up AX_HAVE_QT
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 14:25:04 -0500

Howdy all,

I work with Qt extensively so I've used QMake to build my projects. However, I'd love to use the Autotools instead, so I was hoping to use the AX_HAVE_QT macro to ensure Qt is operational. Unfortunately, it seems this macro is a bit outdated - it doesn't find Qt on my system anyway. I've been working on modernizing it, but I have a question:

Currently, AX_HAVE_QT checks for a libqt library, Qt header files, and the Qt toolset. While this was how Qt deployed itself in the past, it has since partitioned itself into around 10-20 separate modules, with minimal interdependencies between them. My thought is this:

AX_HAVE_QT checks for any old libraries (libqt, libqt-mt, etc), or a "reasonable" set of the new modules (QtCore and QtGui, specifically). It would also check for headers and the set of Qt tools (which the current version already does).

AX_HAVE_QT_MODULE(module) will check for the existence of a specific module, and insert its linker requirements into the variable QT_LIBS.

Is this design reasonable? My goal is to preserve the old behavior of AX_HAVE_QT, while also introducing support for Qt modules.

Aaron Faanes <address@hidden>

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