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From: Tom Ghyselinck
Subject: AX_GCC_OPTION macro
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 09:10:23 +0200


I just used the AX_GCC_VERSION macro from the autoconf-archive.
This file still seems to use the macro AX_GCC_OPTION.

This macros has been deleted in revision;a=commit;h=4593960ff5726a41d3cdb7e3b3ee198cab6f5983
but the AX_GCC_VERSION macros was not updated accordingly.

I found that also the macro AX_GCC_LIBRARIES_DIR still uses the AX_GCC_OPTION

Are these macros still obsolete or are they just not yet updated?
( see;a=commit;h=f015a1477cfd4a1f17decd029cc43c0e7c091bcf  )

The AX_C*_CHECK_FLAG macros are meanwhile also obsoleted
(;a=commit;h=d17c639fba92037151eb19f6022675e2892c54f5  )
and deleted
(;a=commit;h=01738c00a51efab548b7270108d0ed8084a08ac7 ) in favor of AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG

Now, what is the best/proper way to check the GCC version?


With best regards,


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| Tom Ghyselinck
| Senior Engineer
| Excentis N.V.
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