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From: Peter Simons
Subject: Re: AX_GCC_OPTION macro
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 13:31:49 +0200

Hi Tom,

 > I just used the AX_GCC_VERSION macro from the autoconf-archive. This
 > file still seems to use the macro AX_GCC_OPTION. This macros has been
 > deleted in revision [4593960f] but the AX_GCC_VERSION macros was not
 > updated accordingly. I found that also the macro AX_GCC_LIBRARIES_DIR
 > still uses the AX_GCC_OPTION

you are right, we overlooked that issue at the time. Thank you for
bringing this to our attention. I marked those macros obsolete, too:;a=commit;h=95959b82c0002ca54f6e5f23caf4445e83594bd3;a=commit;h=5cf14da2676d3b67162681dc6537623bfc69e2ac

 > Now, what is the best/proper way to check the GCC version?

It seems we don't have a good solution for that at the moment.
Contributions are welcome, of course! There was a related patch on the
mailing list a while ago,

..., but it seems no-one ever bothered to test and endorse that patch
for committing.

Best regards,

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