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Re: [patch #8254] AX_BOOST_BASE: fix lib detection on multi-arch systems

From: Cory Fields
Subject: Re: [patch #8254] AX_BOOST_BASE: fix lib detection on multi-arch systems
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2013 20:24:08 -0500

>> Seems to me a simpler route would be to avoid trying to find the path
>> entirely, and just link-test with -lboost_foo, -lboost_foo_mt, etc,
>> until one hits. I assume there's some need for the path that precludes
>> this more typical approach?
> I was working on a patch like that early this year when I realized the
> library can be named all kind of funny things including compiler build
> triplets in the name. The combinations were just too many to enumerate, so I
> guess that's why original author chose the wild-card solution.

If that's the case, the only sure-fire way to know we're getting the
correct files is to have boost tell us directly. So, maybe the effort
would be better spent trying to get boost to ship pkg-config .pc's
which specify the shipped names? I'm sure that's far from trivial, and
I imagine there's probably a good reason why it's not done currently,
but maybe worth a quick cost/benefit before diving in too deep?


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