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Bug in AX_BOOST_* macros

From: Jens Finkhäuser
Subject: Bug in AX_BOOST_* macros
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 13:01:03 +0100
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Hi all!

I just found an annoying, but easy to fix bug in all of the AX_BOOST_*

Steps to reproduce

Run checks for more than one boost library, e.g.:


Make sure that the library file for boost program options is found,
but the library file for boost thread is missing.

Expected behaviour

The second macro errors out.

Actual behaviour

The second macro succeeds.

Bug description

AX_BOOST_PROGRAM_OPTIONS and AX_BOOST_THREAD (and all the other macros
I looked at briefly) all use the same variable $ax_lib to check for
the name of the library file to pass to the linker.

Running two macros after each other means that if the first macro
found a library file, the $ax_lib variable is already set before the
second macro is run. As a result, the second macro does not detect the
missing library file - instead, it assumes that the library it found
is the one from the first macro.

Proposed Fix

Simply set $ax_lib to an empty value before the checks for the library
file are performed.

I've attached an example patch for AX_BOOST_THREAD.

Hope that helps,

1.21 Jiggabytes of memory should be enough for anybody.

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