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ax_lib_hdf5.m4: extra space in the include path flag

From: Chun-Chung Chen
Subject: ax_lib_hdf5.m4: extra space in the include path flag
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 18:03:33 +0800
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In the latest version of ax_lib_hdf5.m4 (serial 10), the code parsing the output of h5cc for the "Installation point:" results in an extra leading space. The space creeps into HDF5_CPPFLAGS and breaks the include path flag into two tokens, e.g., "-I" and "/usr/include". While this may be legal and doesn't affect the compilation, it does break some library tools (e.g., when the macro is used in building a dynamic library that uses pkg-config). Please see the attached patch for a proposed fix for the situation.

With best wishes,

Chun-Chung Chen

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