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[patch #8186] ax_pthread adds -pthread when it should not on OSX when co

From: Daniel Richard G.
Subject: [patch #8186] ax_pthread adds -pthread when it should not on OSX when compiling with clang
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 06:41:45 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #18, patch #8186 (project autoconf-archive):

The fix for this issue specifically is to remove the Darwin special case, but
my changes go beyond that.

The Clang check is still needed to support older versions properly, but that's
minimal. (I've also made a fix there, to account for the saner behavior of
newer Clang releases.)

I've attached a "draft2" revision of the macro, which is my current
bleeding-edge code. Diffing will show you everything that's going on in there
(I will, of course, have to write up a proper changelog entry).

Please give this a try, Heikki and anyone else still interested, and let me
know if you see any problems. I've tested it across the breadth of systems
available to me, and everything seems to check out so far.

(file #34553)

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