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License copatibility GPLv3+ (w/ Autoconf Exc) AX_PTHREAD

From: Hans Spath
Subject: License copatibility GPLv3+ (w/ Autoconf Exc) AX_PTHREAD
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2017 14:14:06 +0100
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I need some help/advice to understand potential licensing issues with macros from the GNU autoconf archive.

Specifically I'm interested in AX_PTHREAD, which is GPLv3+ with Autoconf Exception (GPLv3+wAE).

As far as I understand it, I can put it in a local "m4/" directory, use it from "" and then generate a "configure" file. If I distribute a tarball that only contains "configure" but neither the "m4/" directory or any .ac file, there is no problem, no matter what the license of the rest of the project is.

I have a project that mainly consists of GPLv2+, BSD, MIT and GPLv2-only(*) licensed code. Is my assumption correct that I can not provide tarballs that contain m4/ax_pthread.m4? Can I at least distribute and other GPLv2+ files in m4/? Or did the dependency on the now missing file taint my buildsystem to be GPLv3+wAE?

Does it also mean that I can not put m4/ax_pthread.m4 in a publicly accessible git repository of that project?

What would be your advice to deal with this situation?

Alternatively, would you consider relicensing AX_PTHREAD under GPLv2+wAE (or an even more permissive license)?

Hans Spath

(*: these files originate primarily from the linux kernel)

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