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From: Kip Warner
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 22:48:58 -0700

Hey list,

A few days ago I came across ax_prog_bisoncpp.m4 and ax_prog_flexcpp.m4

Apologies for using a Skynet URL shortener, but my MUA line breaks the
original URL.

Based on the contents of the M4 source, they both appear to be official
Autoconf Archive macros. I can't tell if that's correct or not from
looking at the source itself, but based on the current state of the
Autoconf Archive, neither one appears to be a part of it.

I also can't find any other reference to these macros anywhere except
in the aforementioned upstream project that appeared to be using them. 

Were they originally a part of the Archive and subsequently dropped for
a good reason I should know before adding them as a project dependency?

Is there any plan to add the two to the Archive? 

If so, is there any plan to replicate the full traditional
functionality of AX_PROG_FLEX and AX_PROG_BISON which also set
environment variables that pointed to flex(1) and bison(1) to be made
available in Automake?

Kip Warner | Senior Software Engineer
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