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M4 macro syntactical error

From: Kip Warner
Subject: M4 macro syntactical error
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 18:43:39 -0800
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Hey list,

I am having difficulty with the following simple M4 macro I've written:

It appears to emit the following when invoked from my project's

   ./configure: line 17920: =$: command not found
   ./configure: line 17924: =: command not found
   ./configure: line 17943: -march=power9: command not found
   checking for POWER 9 instructions on x86_64... no

I don't expect this macro to validate the presence of a POWER 9 host on
an Intel machine, obviously. But syntactically what am I doing wrong?
This macro should always work, even on non-POWER 9 systems.

Yours truly,

Kip Warner -- Senior Software Engineer
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