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Re: Small fix to testsuite

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Small fix to testsuite
Date: 01 Nov 2000 16:48:21 +0100
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| > If you want consistency the right way to go would be probably to define a
| > variable like this:
| > 
| > at_autoconf="autoconf --autoconf-dir .. -l $at_srcdir"
| > 
| > and use it everywhere across the tests.
| That is a bigger patch, and independent of this fix.  I could send it
| in if you want.

No, let's not do that, yet because it means that all you are going to
see in testsuite --verbose is $at_autoconf

instead of autoconf --autoconf-dir .. -l $at_srcdir

Rather, if you really want to do that, use a macro.

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