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Re: _XOPEN_SOURCE=500 breaks at least OSF1 V5.0 [Re: largefiles

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: _XOPEN_SOURCE=500 breaks at least OSF1 V5.0 [Re: largefiles
Date: 09 Nov 2000 10:29:08 +0100
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| Here's a patch, relative to the largefile.m4 that is shipped with GNU
| tar.  (This code is for autoconf 2.13; will it need changes for the
| next autoconf?  I'm not up-to-date with autoconf, I'm afraid.)

Nope you're not :)  But I'll adjust your patch.

| 2000-11-05  Paul Eggert  <address@hidden>
|         * m4/largefile.m4 (AC_SYS_LARGEFILE): Don't worry about
|         whether fseeko and ftello are properly declared.
|         (AC_FUNC_FSEEKO): New macro, which worries about fseeko (and
|         presumably ftello).  Do not set _XOPEN_SOURCE; that causes too
|         many problems in practice.

This patch is fine with me.  Could you submit some documentation?

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