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Re: 17-m4-token-allow.patch

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: 17-m4-token-allow.patch
Date: 14 Nov 2000 03:40:51 -0200
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On Nov 13, 2000, Akim Demaille <address@hidden> wrote:

> That was my first idea, but rejected it for several reasons.  First,
> this is pure M4sugar, and not limited to Autoconf

You could always have m4_output_comment, that would have to be defined
by users of M4sugar, and M4sh would define it to output its argument
preceded by `# '.

> And second, this is gross :)  The real good implementation, IMHO, was
> to --trace for these macros.  But on huge configure.ins like Jim's
> this is unacceptably expansive.

Can you define unacceptable?  Any chance of computing a trace in
parallel with generating the actual output script, and outputting the
trace to another file descriptor?

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