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Re: autoconf problem with large files on HP-UX?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: autoconf problem with large files on HP-UX?
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 12:59:05 -0700 (MST)

> Sorry I didn't get to look at this until just now.  How about the
> following patch instead?  I've been using this idea with autoconf 2.13
> and the GNU tar test releases.

Oh gosh.  I am going to have to dig through this a little more before
I give a reading on the particular code used here.  Thanks for
submitting it however.  But I do have some more immediate input
concerning the comments regardless of the code itself.

>       * acspecific.m4 (AC_SYS_LARGEFILE_TEST_INCLUDES): Don't reject
>       C++ compilers that are masquerading as C compilers, and that
>       incorrectly reject large integers.
> + /* Check that off_t can represent 2**63 - 1 correctly.
> +    We can't simply define LARGE_OFF_T to be 9223372036854775807,
> +    since some C++ compilers masquerading as C compilers
> +    incorrectly reject 9223372036854775807.  */

It may be that some C++ compilers masquerade as C compilers such as
GCC.  But I disagree about "incorrectly reject large integers".  Also,
this problem has nothing to do with C++ and is basically an ANSI C
issue.  I am guessing that comment relates to a slightly different
issue.  I believe it is correct behavior to reject immediate data that
overflows the data size.  I will have to dig around the standard and
see what I can determine.  But I believe this comment as written
should not be included because it implies that ANSI/ISO standard
conforming compilers are in error when the reverse is actually true.


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