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RE: [Patch] Some more DOS compatibility

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: RE: [Patch] Some more DOS compatibility
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 18:47:47 +0100

> > * Use as_ln_s in config.status for CONFIG_LINKS.
> I think we already discussed this, and I already said why it's wrong.
> But anyway, you are still on the black list ;)
The problem with using 'ln -s || ln' is that on DOS, the ln -s will
succeed but do the Wrong Thing(tm).


ln -s intlh.inst libintl.h || ln intlh.inst libintl.h

Produces libintl.h.exe (or libintl.exe on plain DOS), which will try
to run "INTLHINS".  This will be fixed in DJGPP 2.04, as it introduces
full symlink support, but for now, that's what happens (and why
AC_LN_S was patched (by me) to detect DJGPP).
And since config.status includes the LN_S setup code anyway (as part
of AS_SHELL_SANITIZE), I didn't see the problem in using it.  After all,
why should config.status use one form of 'ln -s' and tell makefiles to
use a different one (assuming AC_PROG_LN_S and @LN_S@ used in

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