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Testsuite patches (partial re-submit)

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Testsuite patches (partial re-submit)
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 00:08:36 +0100

I know I've submitted parts of this before, but since there
were cut-n-paste problems with the patch, I'm submitting it
again, as a MIME attachment thise time.  Support for test
ranges was dropped from the patch.

Rationale for the changes:

PATH_SEPARATOR: get the correct pathsep for some tests; use
this name so DJGPP's bash won't screw up if the user is
braindead enough to select a different path separator after
running configure.

SHELL: Because of the shell here document in a m4 system()
call, SHELL must point to a full, real, path on DJGPP (i.e.
/bin/sh won't work).  For configure, this is handled by
setting SHELL and CONFIG_SHELL in, but that file
isn't sourced by the testsuite.  So set shell to either
$CONFIG_SHELL or @address@hidden

2001-02-23      Tim Van Holder <address@hidden>

        * tests/aclocal.m4: Fix some typos.  Also ignore
        * tests/ Set PATH_SEPARATOR to the proper
        path separator.  Set SHELL here...
        * tests/atgeneral.m4: ... instead of here.  Use
        $PATH_SEPARATOR when setting AUTOTEST_PATH.  Don't
        default tests to "all" before deciding whether the
        help text is needed.
        * tests/ Use the correct path separator.

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