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Re: Here documents as a section

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: Here documents as a section
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 18:44:37 +0200

> +AC_ARG_VAR, m4_pattrern_*

> +  check that
> +  check something else
> +  on and on forever
> +fi


    check something else
    on and on forever

might be better, as it provides visual cues that you're talking about
a large if statement

> +for such here-documents on every @code{fork ()}, so that the clean-up

I don't think the space before the parens is necessary (and it probably
looks ugly in the printed version).

> +significantly.  Anyway, this kind of construct is not exactly the
> +typical use of Autoconf.  In fact, it's even not recommended, because M4

This sounds a bit strange to me; "it's not even recommended behaviour"
sounds better.  But this could just be me.

> +macros can't look into shell conditionals, so we may fail to expand a
> +macro when it was expanded before in a conditional path, and the
> +condition turned out to be false at run-time, and we end up not
> +executing the macro at all.

Sounds a bit complicated, doesn't it.  How about

  because M4 (@program{m4}? @code{m4}? @sc{m4}) can't look inside shell
  conditionals.  If it decides that a macro doesn't need to be expanded
  because it has already been expanded before, that previous use could be
  inside a conditional branch, resulting in the macro not being executed
  at all (depending on the run-time environment).

Hmmm, on second thought, that doesn't sound that much better.

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