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Re: Portability of AC_ARG_PROGRAM

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: Portability of AC_ARG_PROGRAM
Date: 21 Jun 2001 01:20:25 -0300
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On Jun 20, 2001, Akim Demaille <address@hidden> wrote:

> I'm in favor of removing AC_ARG_PROGRAM and considering it as part of
> the standard ./configure interface.

Is this meant to force programs to use it?

> The worse part being that without AC_ARG_PROGRAM, --program-prefix
> etc. are accepted, but ignored.

Having AC_ARG_PROGRAM by default won't change this fact: many programs
don't use program_transform_name at all.

>       ./configure --program-suffix=foo produces `transform=s,$$,foo,;',
>       but some sed choke on multiple `;', and other tools (e.g.,
>       Automake), include the separator themselves.
>       * acgeneral.m4 (AC_ARG_VAR): Be sure not to leave extra `;'.

Ok, except that...

> -if test "$program_transform_name" = s,x,x,; then
> +test $program_transform_name = s,x,x, &&

I don't like the fact that program_transform_name is no longer quoted.
In fact, I don't see a reason to drop the if/then/fi around this
setting; I generally regard && as a replacement for if as obfuscated
shell programming.

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