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Re: autoconf and OS/2

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: autoconf and OS/2
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 18:48:28 +0200

> > variables (and undocumented ones as well); with the
> > ac_executable_extensions patch, you could simply do
> > 
> > set ac_executable_extensions=".exe .bat .cmd"
> > sh configure
> > 
> > and it would work (without relying on --prefix).
> And I'd like to see this patch in the official distribution.
So would I - Akim, your final words on this?  I agree that perhaps
a different solution is needed in the long run, but having this
ability in 2.51 would help platforms like DJGPP and OS/2 _now_.

> In my opinion it would be sufficient to test if there are any (forward)
> slashes in $PATH and to print a warning if there isn't a slash.
> Then the user knows what he has to do.

Hmm - not sure about that one.  Backslashes in PATH _should_ work

PATH=`echo $PATH | tr '/' '\\\\'`

configure: loading site script /dev/env/DJDIR/share/
checking for gcc... /dev/env/DJDIR/bin/gcc.exe
checking for abc... no
checking for perl... E:\Djgpp\Bin/perl.exe
configure: creating ./config.status

My guess is that your system simply does not support forward slashes
in paths at all, so when configure tries to see if C:\EMX\BIN/gcc.exe
exists, it fails.  Could you try the above and see what
it prints on OS/2?
Also, try 'test -f c:/some/dir/file-that-exists && echo Yippie' in
your shell - does that print 'Yippie' like it should?
I'm not sure we want to have an ac_dirsep for this purpose though.

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