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From: R J Kean
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 01:13:28 -0230


I am a senior and having considerable trouble making ends meet. I live a 
rural area of Northern Canada and have great trouble heating my house due 
to the high costs of fuel.

I was heating mainly by wood but I can no longer harvest it because my old 
van cannot be repaired and I cannot afford another or the operating costs 
of it. Buying oil is mainly out of the picture because of costs, so I am 
left with buying wood. 

My wife in handicapped and can only do light housekeeping so the bulk of 
the housework and cooking fall to me. She has to visit the clinic regularly 
which is 40K (about 25 miles) away, the drug store is also at that 
location. My wife's drugs  take a large amount of my meager pension.

The main problem with heating with wood is it takes constant attention. If 
I take the wife to the medical clinic I have to be  back in about 3 hours 
due to the fact that if the stove goes out then the water pipes will freeze 
and burst and I will be in a bigger mess.

A relative gave me a older computer he was no longer was using and a kind 
young man helped me set up this system. 

Please give me a gift of a few dollars, yen, pounds or whatever you 
currency to help me make ends meet and live a little more comfortable. A 
few dollars may not affect you but it will have a great impact on me in 
making life more bearable. 

Please visit my web site at

Thank you for your gift.

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