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autoconf and OS/2

From: Andreas Buening
Subject: autoconf and OS/2
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 22:25:28 +0200


Some time ago I said autoconf 2.50 wouldn't work with OS/2, but
that's wrong. In fact I made the following mistake:
The m4 macro syscmd calls the libc function system() which starts
the OS/2 shell "cmd" by default. But this shell doesn't support
forward slashes in file names. I only had to set an environment
variable, so that system() called a sh compatible shell.

I suggest to add a note to the README file similar to the following:
During the autoconf process the libc function system() will be
called. If you aren't using an unix compatible system, make
sure that system() uses a unix compatible shell to execute programs.

There is another problem: mkinstalldirs fails, if the path
contains a drive letter followed by a slash (e.g. x:/usr/local).
The reason is that "test -d x:" fails, but "test -d x:/" works.
I suggest the following patch:

diff new/mkinstalldirs old/mkinstalldirs
<      if test ! -d "$pathcomp/"; then
>      if test ! -d "$pathcomp"; then
<         if test ! -d "$pathcomp/"; then
>         if test ! -d "$pathcomp"; then

This should have no side effects.

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