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Regarding partnership

From: paul
Subject: Regarding partnership
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 17:48:31 -0400

Dear Webmaster, players currently enter over $1,000,000 each month in tournaments - with 75% being returned to winners and 25% being shared with partner sites similar to yours. As a site that caters to a community of game players, it is my pleasure to invite you to apply for membership in's partner program, joining such well-known sites as iwin, Uproar and MyFree. If accepted, you can earn up to $3.00 per day for each visitor you register, while increasing the stickiness and retention of your site! Here's how it works: pioneered the concept of skill-based tournaments on the Internet, creating a community where users from all over the world can play fun, easy games against each other for cash. Our game suite includes such well-known favorites as Free Cell, Solitaire, Chess, Crosswords and Minesweeper - and new games are released regularly.

Players are given an unlimited amount of practice time on all of the games for free. When they're ready to test their skills competitively, they can enter tournaments involving 2-25 players, with entry fees beginning at $1.00. Roughly 75 percent of the entry fees in each tournament are returned to the players as winnings - several players have already won over $50,000 - and we share the remainder with our partners. The results have been astounding, as our average player's entry fees exceed $33 per day and over 15% of our players return every day.

If you qualify for our partner program, getting started is easy. You can have WorldWinner's games fully integrated on your site in under an hour. While we host the games, your visitors will feel like they're playing on your site. Our partners receive daily reporting on traffic and game revenues and, to help promote game play, we give your users $5 in cash when they sign up! It's like walking into an arcade and being paid to play.

If you are interested in adding a proven revenue source to your site, apply today to become a partner at

To check out's games, click on our logo in the upper left hand corner of the site. Make sure to go back to the affiliate window to sign up for the partnership program.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions about becoming a partner. I look forward to working with you.

Paul Kang
PH: 818-649-7663

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