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Re: $am_aux_dir fix for MacOS X

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: $am_aux_dir fix for MacOS X
Date: 13 Sep 2001 17:45:07 +0200
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| >>>>> "Lars" == Lars J Aas <address@hidden> writes:
| Lars> What do you mean it belongs to Automake?  I know it's named
| Lars> AM_*, but it resides in autoconf/m4/ Is it also included with
| Lars> Automake?
| I refuse aclocal.m4 as a tarball, I _hate_ that.  So Autoconf uses the
| scheme I want the GNU Build System to move to in the future:
| ~/src/ace % cat aclocal.m4                                       nostromo 
| m4_include([m4/auxdir.m4])
| m4_include([m4/cond.m4])
| m4_include([m4/depend.m4])
| m4_include([m4/init.m4])
| m4_include([m4/install-sh.m4])
| m4_include([m4/m4.m4])
| m4_include([m4/missing.m4])
| m4_include([m4/sanity.m4])
| m4_include([m4/strip.m4])
| and these guys are
| ~/src/ace % ls /usr/local/share/aclocal                          nostromo 
| as.m4       dmalloc.m4  init.m4        ltdl.m4        progtest.m4  strtod.m4
| auxdir.m4   error.m4    install-sh.m4  maintainer.m4  protos.m4    termios.m4
| ccstdc.m4   gcj.m4      isc-posix.m4   make.m4        ptrdiff.m4   winsz.m4
| codeset.m4  gettext.m4  lcmessage.m4   minuso.m4      python.m4
| cond.m4     glibc21.m4  lex.m4         missing.m4     regex.m4
| depend.m4   header.m4   libtool.m4     multi.m4       sanity.m4
| depout.m4   iconv.m4    lispdir.m4     obstack.m4     strip.m4

BTW, the fact that you didn't know they were from Automake is also the
clear sign they're lacking the proper Copyright/License thingy.

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