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AC_PROG_MAKE_SET problem, patch included (fwd)

From: mcmahill
Subject: AC_PROG_MAKE_SET problem, patch included (fwd)
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 11:14:29 -0400 (EDT)

when using the MINGW compilers under cygwin, the AC_PROG_MAKE_SET macro
fails because you get an unterminated quote coming out of one of the
tests.  For some reason, the first " below was getting eaten.  Adding the
space seems to fix it.


address@hidden 492 # diff -U2 acspecific.m4.orig acspecific.m4
--- acspecific.m4.orig  Tue Sep 18 16:01:37 2001
+++ acspecific.m4       Tue Sep 18 16:02:08 2001
@@ -455,5 +455,5 @@
 [cat > conftestmake <<\EOF
-       @echo 'ac_maketemp="${MAKE}"'
+       @echo 'ac_maketemp=" ${MAKE} "'
 changequote(, )dnl

address@hidden 493 # autoconf --version
Autoconf version 2.13

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